New Moon Message (14 December, 2020)

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New Moon Message 14.12.2020
The unison of heaven and earth touches the hearts.
With this beginning moon phase, which also covers the transition from December 2020 to January 2021, many wonderful things take place. The heavenly constellations and those of the planets bring about a significant energetic change for the entire earth. One of them is that heaven and earth resonate in a new unison; and this harmony touches the hearts of all beings.
With this touch, new creation levels of the heart chakra are revealed. One’s own creation flow is stimulated. New creation impulses, which can manifest themselves completely free from the past, are going into the entire energy system via the heart chakra.
One’s own reality becomes visible and tangible. The inner core breaks through the shell. The sounds of starlight, which cause and accompany the synchronization of heaven and earth, touch the soul. One’s own soul begins to communicate in a new way. One’s own soul dream strives for realization.
This harmony of heaven and earth can lead anyone who searches for it into the depths of their own heart chakra in order to discover hidden treasures and visions for their own life and bring them to the surface.
The new dimensions of the Christ light that flow into the earthly system at Christmas time let the temple in the heart shine in a new light. The inner truth about one’s own being, the gifts that were brought from heaven and that now come even more so from heaven to earth, can be unwrapped.
The creation flow from heaven and earth, which streams into and through the heart, opens new spaces and creates new communities that are free of old burdens and past experiences.
The gift of this time is to lead one’s own life in the natural, joyful flow. The harmony between heaven and earth invites everyone to live themselves, to arrive completely on earth and to distribute their own gifts. The unison harmonizes one’s own energy system. Things that no longer fit can be let go easily. They make room for the new, which hasn’t been there before and that is not yet recognisable. All it takes is the willingness to surrender to this flow, knowing that this flow will take everyone to where it is just right for him or her.
All the angel worlds join in this unison and the harmony of creation. Your own life is sorting itself according to your own inner value, which is now being redefined. These are blessed times. Do not be afraid of the change that is happening, as this brings exactly the change that you have been waiting for, for a long time. Listen inward, listen to what messages heaven and earth have for you. Awaken in love and light, the divine qualities of your soul and shape your life from them.
Om Namah Shivaya
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