New Moon Message (1 April, 2022)

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New Moon Message 01.04.2022

Transformation on all levels.

With the 01.04 the next new moon cycle begins, the energy of which brings upheaval, renewal and transformation.
This transformation exceeds everything that has been possible or could happen in terms of change on earth.

The condensing and limitations in the energy system, which have massively built up in the last two years, need a strong power of change in order to bring the energy in your own life back into a positive flow and to get your own incarnation goals back into focus.
The mental, emotional and energetic influences picked up by unconscious resonances have left their traces everywhere.

Since it is about experiencing liberation and opening up to one’s own divine guidance more than ever, new levels of transformation will be released with the first of April. They dissolve the previously existing structures and stimulate a new creation flow. As a result, a readjustment happens in the entire energy system.

For some it may be like going through the eye of a needle to arrive free on the other side. For others it is a dynamic surfing on the new wave to freely unfold their own light, their own love, and their own creation power.

A lot of support comes from the new dimensions of Christ Light, from the original Shakti levels of the Divine Mother and the liquid crystal levels that are now bringing these new dimensions to Earth.

April 1st is the starting signal. The energy will continue to build and condense throughout April.

We experience one of the high points in the Easter season and the weeks that follow. It is about a compression of the power of love and light, which brings transformation and liberation with the holy fire quality, and at the same time reorientation and focusing on the essential.

It is about withdrawing power from forces that present themselves or can be recognized as untrue, bad or as being simply not right. The conflicting forces between light and darkness have the ground pulled from beneath their feet.
It calls for the creation of the inner sacred spaces and the outer sacred spaces where light and love create new fields in which life takes place.

It calls for a return to one’s own origins, to one’s own core, in order to create new things from it. This is the gift of the new moon cycle that begins on April 1st.

You are blessed, loved and protected. When you open yourself in devotion and surrender to the transformation, you experience the freedom of your soul in the here and now.
Om Namah Shivaya

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