New Moon Message (21 January, 2023)

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New Moon Message 21.01.2023

Life is a gift.

Life is a gift. With this message the new moon-year in 2023 and the first moon cycle starts.
It is the gift of creation that makes life on earth possible for all living beings, including human beings. It is a gift of the creation levels of light and earth in a mutual flow.

Mother Earth prepares the ground and is delighted about the gifts that each soul brings with them from their heaven to help shape the creation of light on Earth.

In the new lunar year, a lot of things are waiting to come to Earth from one’s own light worlds. The gifts of heaven are arriving for everyone in their own being and are then shared out into one’s own life, one’s own life flow and one’s own environment.
It is not only a beautiful perspective to see life as a gift. It is also the perspective that helps one’s own being to free itself from the layers that have wrapped themselves around it; the layers around one’s own inner core and around one’s own soul qualities and the layers that have been created from the human resonance fields.

Perhaps the circumstances in one’s own life have not yet been such that life has been experienced as a gift. In this case it is particularly important to free oneself completely from old experiences and limitations in order to be able to access this gift at all.

Life offers all the circumstances to be able to express oneself with one’s qualities and abilities, to follow one’s own path of fulfillment and to accomplish one’s life task. For this, life on earth with the 7 chakras provides everything to be able to bring oneself into creation. The sources of light want to flow through, enrich and nourish everyone. These are the sources of light of heaven and earth in united power. This is what makes life a gift.

Everyone is allowed to take all the steps that are part of a fulfilled life at their own rhythm and pace; they are allowed to make all the learning experiences that the soul has set out to do and to achieve all their own goals.

With the start of the new lunar year comes the joyful stimulation to unpack this gift and to be curious about what life has in store, both internally and externally. The gift of this moon cycle is a new and liberated creation flow.
It is up to everyone to open up to it and take the corresponding steps.

Open yourselves fully to the creation flow of heaven and earth. Share your gifts and accept the gifts of life for yourselves. This flow of giving and receiving gives happiness and fulfillment.

Perhaps the gift comes in a package that doesn’t appeal to you. Don’t let that stop you from unwrapping the gift.
In your inner core, in the center of your life, the gifts that you have for life and that life has for you can be discovered and unwrapped.
Om Namah Shivaya

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