New Moon Message (10 July, 2021)

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New Moon Message 10.07.2021
Freedom from limitations
The transformative Shakti power of the Divine Mother continues to increase in this new moon cycle. It is the answer to the heart’s longing to experience freedom from limitation on the inside and outside. This opens up new ways and possibilities to leave limitations behind, to dissolve limiting structures and to free one’s heart completely from layers of limitations that have formed around it.
It is about the freedom of the human soul, which goes into creation through the incarnated being. Your own strength, your own qualities, the potentials that are now developing and want to be lived need this liberation.
Along with this, liberation takes place in people’s minds. It’s the liberation from the limiting structures in the mental field and from the imprints of family systems, society and the collective field.
It is the birth right of the soul to be able to express itself and live freely and to be solely committed to one’s own natural law. Whatever has led to the creation of limitations can be dissolved by the grace of the Shakti power of the Divine Mother. The sacred fires dedicated to her enhance this effect. It is a large-scale cleansing action that continues until this inner freedom is experienced as a natural presence and state of being. As a natural result of this, life can take place as an expression of truthfulness. The truth can be experienced in the heart.
Another aspect are the limitations that the being has imposed on itself, be it in order to develop further within themselves and to strengthen the inner light, or as an expression of seclusion, as no recognition of one’s own being, no experience of one’s own light qualities and Potential has taken place. These limitations also want to dissolve. The time of restraint is over. Making yourself small and keeping yourself down don’t lead to happiness.
Freedom from limitations can take place and be achieved on all levels of one’s own being and life. An upward movement takes place, carried by the rising Shakti forces of the Divine Mother, just as the lotus rises from the mud to unfold in the pure light. The beauty of your own soul, your light qualities shine in a new light. The inherent Shakti powers penetrate everything that stands in their way.
All of this elevates one’s being into the new dimensions of light. From there the supporting light forces come to create the new forms that now want to become reality on earth. Surrender to the Divine Mother and her pure Shakti levels with confidence. If you need support, it will be given to you.
Set out for new shores that suit you in everything. Find where you are at home as it is now a matter of fully living yourself.
Om Namah Shivaya
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