New Moon Message (12 April, 2021)

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New Moon Message 12.04.2021

New levels of consciousness are becoming accessible.

Everything on earth and in the earth is in a great process of change. The earth itself is in the process of creating new energy bodies, new energy layers that correspond to the new dimensional levels and levels of consciousness. It is the most intensive restructuring and creating of new structures on all levels that can be lived and experienced on earth. They go hand in hand with shifts in consciousness, shifts in the energy bodies and through to changes in the DNA within the human body. This cannot be understood by the mind. It cannot be put into a plausible context because it is so new that there are no reference points or levels for it.

This change takes place in the swaying motions of the creation levels of heaven and earth. It goes hand in hand with rhythmic and cyclic changes that at some point will also reach the human consciousness. It is a great cosmic play in which the earth itself as a being changes completely and makes new levels of consciousness accessible to all incarnated beings.

It needs devotion to the divine plan in the certainty that everything will take shape according to the divine natural law on earth. It helps to give in to the swaying dance of the creation powers of earth and heaven, in the certainty that the new levels of consciousness can also be opened up in your own inner worlds and brought into creation.

The adjustment of the earthly energy systems to the light levels, which will now come into manifestation, takes time. The adjustment of the human energy body and the physical body need conscious attention. Along with this, the perception of one’s own being, one’s own worlds and one’s own higher self is refined. The earth rebirths itself in many ways. And it is the same for the incarnated beings.

Space is created for the new and for what hasn’t existed before. Everyone is invited to pour his or her original light into shape on earth and to consciously take part in creation. It takes a lot of support to arrive at these new levels of consciousness and to go through the linked transformation. Use everything that you have already discovered and open up for what has not reached you yet. Accept the guidance that will safely get you there.

In the black light of the Shakti in unity with the golden light of heaven, these streams of creation can fall on fertile ground and change the body in such a way that the light receptors can receive the new high-frequency information. Countless starlight worlds take an active part in this. The cosmic vibrations flow through and penetrate the energy bodies, so that the awakening in the new levels of consciousness can happen more and more. Give yourself and the earth the space and attention it needs. Light from new dimensions is coming to earth in abundance. Welcome them with love.

Om Namah Shivaya

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