Crystalline Initiation Path

I have wonderful news: A new path is opening up! Until now, the training in Atlantis Crystal Healing was only available as a further training for those who had already taken part in the Alpha Chi Consultant training. This year, a new path is opening up. There will be four-day intense training with initiations that bring access to the 8th chakra in order to be able to learn “Atlantis Crystal Healing”.

The Crystalling Initiation Path is the stepping stone for everyone who wants to join the Atlantis Crystal Healing course without taking part in the ACC training. During theses four days, sacred knowledge reveals itself through special initiations. The skill to perceive and to guide energies from a non-polar point of view is trained. Communication with the crystal worlds is taught.

The Crystalline Initiation Path is for those who feel at home in the crystalline creation levels, in the crystal worlds and who know that they want to work as Atlantis Crystal Healers. A new path is opening for the new time.

Date: Thu 11/6 – Sun 14/6/2015 at the Starlight Centre.

If you would like to take part, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with me!

Much love,


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