New Moon Message (17 September, 2020)

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New Moon Message 17.09.2020

The divine consciousness synchronises with the earthly consciousness.

It is an expression of divine grace that the divine consciousness can synchronise with the earthly consciousness. Long periods of preparation are now coming to an end. Everything that exists in the light worlds, in the divine blueprint for the earth and humanity, has now come into such a form that it can be inserted into the earthly consciousness like a new matrix.
Not only is everything possible in the divine consciousness, but manifestation also takes place immediately. There is no delay, no interpretation, no opinion, wishing or wanting. Divine consciousness is pure light and includes everything. It can be experienced in the simultaneity and releases the corresponding creation flow so that the manifestation on earth can begin.

Jumps are possible through the synchronisation of the divine consciousness with the earthly consciousness. Leaps in one’s own development, in reaching one’s goals, in being successfully oneself. It overwrites the linear time model, programming, beliefs and past experiences. The way of thinking is renewed. In the simultaneity, everything is available at any moment. The earthly thinking is freed from the limitations and the collective patterns. The levels of illusion are penetrated and transformed and, if necessary, destroyed.

The streams of light information from the divine consciousness find gateways into the earthly and human system. There is a new alignment and a free, unfiltered exchange of information. The human consciousness, which has encapsulated itself as a result of the incarnation process, can expand again and settle into its own divine levels of consciousness. The visions of the soul in accordance with its divine plan become clearer and begin to communicate.

The time to forget is over. The time to remember has begun. It is now possible for everyone to experience oneself as a divine light being and to consciously step into creation from it. Some have long been preparing for it. For others, the spiritual awakening starts all of a sudden. For everyone it is the longing of the heart that can now find fulfilment.

It certainly takes time to open up to this new form of consciousness and to train new thinking. Synchronisation makes it even easier to tune into the cosmic stream of thinking, to align one’s antennae in order to receive divine inspiration and guidance and bring them into life.
For the earth itself, the synchronisation brings an increase in vibration. Landscape temples, power places of the earth and chakra places can begin to shine in their original light. It’s like waking up from a deep slumber.

Heaven and earth want to be one. When this happens in the levels of consciousness, miracles happen. Be ready for the new wonderful inspiring and fulfilling life that will be possible on earth. Keep moving forward until you too have fully arrived at your new levels of consciousness.

Om Namah Shivaya

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