New Moon Message (20 February, 2023)

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New Moon Message 20.02.2023

Time for new beginnings.

Everything old that no longer nourishes the new may now be said goodbye to. With this moon cycle the times for new beginnings are dawning. It is a fresh start into new happiness.
The creation waves of light can carry anyone who is ready out of all the condensed energy fields to then move forward strengthened with new energy.

This new beginning can be felt in all aspects of one’s life. The energy comes with such dynamic force that it would take much more energy to resist it than to joyfully give oneself over to this energy surge. It brings the new into life, exactly how it suits for every individual. Many things have been obsolete for a long time and these are now free to go, whether we want them to or not.
For some it may be very turbulent, as it happens in all areas that call for change at the same time.

It’s off to new shores. There are corresponding aspects and levels in the heart chakra that can now be discovered and brought into life. The renewals will take place starting from the heart. The freed spaces are filled with the energy and light that initiate the new start.
Be ready to let go of identifications with old forms, circumstances and routines. The new is so much more joyful and exciting.
It is about bringing yourself to earth in a new form and finding a new expression, to live your own light and love.

This moon cycle is the beginning of the energetic spring cleaning. It prepares everyone for the rising light powers of spring. The further development on one’s own soul path is picking up speed. Unimagined possibilities are waiting for all.
Discover the spirit of adventure, the joyful desire to explore and the readiness for the new. The moment you open the doors for it, it will happen. Trust the divine guidance and your divine plan that wants to be realised in your life.

The Shakti powers of the Divine Mother release the associated creation levels. You are carried, nurtured and loved.
The Sun and Moon are uniting in new power and in a common creation flow.

These are blessed times.
Om Namah Shivaya

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