New Moon Message (11 May, 2021)

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New Moon Message 11.05.21

The starlight weaves new light structures.

As a central component of global change on and in the earth, new light structures are woven from starlight. It is part of the great act of creation in which the earth develops new energy bodies and enters new dimensions of light.
These very big changes, which affect everything and everyone, call for new light structures that support the whole thing and bring it into shape.
Starlight from all different dimensions and levels of consciousness flow into the earth’s atmosphere and the parallel worlds of the earth in order to create the new light matrix of the earth from there. They are dynamic forces that synchronize the rhythm of the shifts in the levels of consciousness on earth with those in heaven.

The creation impulses and energies are absorbed in constant movement and brought into manifestation. As a result, new light information is poured out again and again, which also reaches the human being. They are so new that they cannot be easily read or deciphered. It takes the inner willingness to open up for this dynamic creation process and to be able to go along with the changes in the earth in its rhythm.
The collective consciousness and the collective structure in the earthly system are sometimes so blocked or have low energy vibrations that the new light structures are not so easy to experience and implement.

It requires alignment and focus on your own light, your own origin, your own light worlds. Starlight is in charge of bringing to Earth all that is needed. These new dimensions of light need open gateways and channels to enter the earthly realms.
The guardian beings of these gates are all incarnated and work in cooperation with the starlight guardian beings who participate from the non-incarnated level.

All of this takes place in rhythmic steps. We as individuals can only surrender to the process with dedication and focus and participate where we have our own responsibilities. It is a multidimensional birth process of the earth to make these new dimensions a reality.
It takes place on a large and small scale, i.e. the energy bodies and energy systems of each individual being are also subject to changes. From the starlight home of all incarnated beings, the light first comes into the earth’s atmosphere and from there then to earth itself.

Be open to communication. Take part with what you are already trained in. Find guidance where it can be given to you. Let yourself be lifted up and carried up into the pure creation levels of light. Immerse yourself in oneness with creation, where your own place exists untouched by space and time, where everything is available to you that you need in your life.
Become aware that you are co-creators of the new time. You will not find anything on the outside, in the media, in the knowledge that has existed so far, but only in your own levels of consciousness that you bring with you as light beings and that now want to touch and penetrate human consciousness.

The new light structures that the starlight weaves provide support and orientation. They help to recognise what is essential and important.
Open yourself so that the starlight can flow through you into the earth via your lotus chakra, so these new forms can arise on the earth’s surface. That which is woven from starlight places itself as a new light cover in one’s own system. It supports the body and surrounds all organs and light channels.

You are carried in the light and in the love of heaven and earth, of Shiva and Shakti in the cosmic creation flow here on earth.
Om Namah Shivaya

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