New Moon Message (27 August, 2022)

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It is my pleasure to share the New Moon Message for the New Moon on 27 August with you all.
New Moon Message from the starlight worlds.

The creation song of Earth touches the hearts.

For some time now, the Earth has been preparing for the new creation cycle of light that accompanies the Heart Chakra Age. Within her, the birthing process of the Christ Light has begun. With this new moon cycle, the Earth’s creation song with all its wonderful light and sound frequencies becomes more tangible. It announces the harmonious time of togetherness. It praises the light in all its facets to awaken, stimulate or strengthen the resonances for the new creation levels in the heart chakra.

It is the praise of the Divine Mother as Mother Earth, that enters into everything, that pours out in all the kingdoms of light, in nature and on earth, in order to touch all beings with it.
The creation song of the earth is an expression of the devotion of Mother Earth. She opens herself completely to the divine light from heaven in order to create something new in this shared creation flow.
It announces a new blossoming time of light in unity with the divine creation source. In the being together with other light worlds, which support and accompany the earth in this cycle, new streams of light are created in accordance with the natural law of all life.
Earth is more than ready to accept and absorb the gifts of heaven from each individual and by doing so, set the manifestation process in motion. Earth’s creation song awakens the innate light in the heart chakra.
It goes along with the loving invitation to tune into the creation song of the Earth. It helps to synchronise the light of creation of one’s soul with heaven and earth.
The heart chakra opens like a flower to the light.
The sound frequencies of the creation song increasingly invite the rays of creation to the earth. The moment one’s heart opens to it, the resonances for the creation rays are awakened and thereby welcomed.
The creation song of the Earth can also awaken new awareness for the sound frequencies of one’s own soul and light being. The cosmic streams of sound can be experienced.
The Starlight Sounds synchronise with the creation song of Earth to enable and accompany new creation on Earth.
It is a particularly gracious time that begins with and is carried forward with this new moon cycle.
The consciousness of the human soul is rising to new dimensions, the recognition of one’s divine origin and that it is possible to live in unity with the divine creation source on Earth.

Be ready and let your hearts be touched.

Om Namah Shivaya

Enjoy this wonderful New Moon energy!

With lots of love and starlight blessings,


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