New Moon Message (4 December, 2021)

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New Moon Message 04.12.21

Healing and transformation on all levels.

In the great spectacle that is going on everywhere on earth right now, new possibilities of healing and transformation on all levels through Divine Grace reach all those who are ready for it. Many things have become condensed over the past few years. The energy systems of beings are clogged or overloaded.
The focus on one’s own connection to the divine source of one’s own origin wants to be realigned again.
There are so many dissonant resonance fields that it is difficult to listen to the voice of your own heart. Due to the extremely changed circumstances in life, things were brought to the surface, which have spread like fog in the system. Old resonances of unresolved themes repeatedly condense one’s own energy field. The collective fields have created a picture of the world that does not correspond to reality.
It looks like the fate of the earth and humans is at a turning point. New awareness is waiting to be anchored. For this to happen, it takes healing and transformation on all levels. In order for this to happen, it needs the willingness to accept it. There are levels of healing and transformation that can penetrate all earthly structures in order to touch the inner being, to be connected again to one’s own core, to free the system from all the turbulent fields of resonance and fields of illusion. When the system is freed again and it is possible to breathe freely, new chi flows into us. The life of light and love is the reality that corresponds to one’s own being. Everyone is entitled to live in harmony with creation and to be able to freely express and live oneself as a being.
It is a time for self-empowerment on all levels. This does not come from fighting, but from the willingness to live oneself and to take responsibility for one’s own life. It is the time of Divine Intervention. All those who have already awakened in their being and make their contribution to it, support this stream of healing and transformation, which is now increasingly coming to earth. Find those that will support you in this, who liberate your bodies and your energy systems and make them permeable.
It is the time when everyone can be completely him or herself. Bring your focus back on what is really important. Cultivate the values in your life. You have the full support of all the spiritual helpers, the starlight worlds and light beings. Make the conscious choice for yourself.
Humanity is rising into a new dimension of light, love and happiness. Even if old systems that no longer serve have to break, healing and transformation are granted to everyone.
Om Namah Shivaya

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